D3 Engineering Solutions Does AutoCAD Mold Design


Computer-aided design has become a very important component in an engineering consultancy’s portfolio of skills. AutoCAD is a software application by Autodesk Inc. that is recognised as one of the leading CAD applications in the world. AutoCAD can be used to design and draught almost any type of article or component, including molds. D3 Engineering Solutions specialises in AutoCAD mold design and can design molds of almost any type.

An injection mold and an ejector mold are fastened together to make up a mold. The mold is a block that is hollowed out in the shape of the article to be made. Hot material in its molten state, like metal, glass or plastic, is injected into the mold through specials channels and adopts the mold’s shape as it hardens. Grooves in the parting line allow air to escape; trapped air may scorch the surrounding material under high pressure and spoil the component being molded. AutoCAD mold design helps to speed up the design of molds and cut development time substantially.

A liquid coolant like water is circulated through strategically placed channels in the mold. It is necessary to cool down the mold before it is opened to allow the molding to set properly. The AutoCAD software helps the engineer to design a mold very precisely, and to ensure that none of the mold features overhang each other in the direction that the mold is to be opened: the ejection mold should come away cleanly from the injection mold and stay on the ejector mold when the two halves of the mold are separated.

D3 Engineering Solutions‘ proven expertise in AutoCAD mold design can save you a lot of money in development costs. Contact us today.